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Silky Bliss Oil

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    Experience the ultimate skin-pampering treatment with our nourishing post-shave oil, a harmonious blend of peppermint, jojoba, orange, and almond oils.

    Imagine applying this oil to your skin after a shave, the silky texture soothing any irritation and providing instant hydration. The almond and jojoba oils work in sync to soften and replenish, leaving your skin feeling supple and velvety to touch.

    The fragrance is a lively medley of fresh peppermint and citrusy orange, an instant mood enhancer. The cooling touch of peppermint brings a refreshing sensation that makes every post-shave routine a delightful experience.

    It's not just an after-shave, it's a post-shave luxury that your skin will crave. Embrace this deliciously-scented, hydrating finish to your shaving routine and feel fabulous every day!

    โœ… Soften Skin
    โœ… Clears pores

    โœ… Banish Irritation
    โœ… Prevent Ingrown hairs
    Pamper your skin with a post-shave/wax spa experience! Swipe a saturated cotton pad on or rub it in directly for gentle hydration and soothing relief from pesky ingrown hairs.
    Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Peppermint Oil, D-Limonene, Organic Orange Oil. 1 fl oz
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    Silky Bliss Oil
    Silky Bliss Oil
    Silky Bliss Oil
    Silky Bliss Oil
    Silky Bliss Oil

    Why is special?


      Softens, hydrates and evens skin tone with vitamins


      Antiseptic, cools and refreshes for vibrant skin.


      Antibacterial benefits, refreshes and revitalizes skin


      Mirrors skin's sebum, moisturizes without clogging pores

    Enhance your post-shave feel and look smooth as silk! Say goodbye to those irritating red bumps - you'll love the results.