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Frustrated by how quickly your razor goes dull, leaving you with irritation and ingrown hairs? We got you. Our safety razor is designed to provide consistently smooth shaves, reducing irritation and the constant need for replacement.

But the best part?... 

Forget about annoying ingrown hairs! After thorough research into women's skincare, we've crafted smoothLuxe, specially tailored for the modern woman. From preparation to post-shave nourishment, it's designed with all the women like us who suffer from ingrown hairs in mind.

Give it a try, and not only will your skin thank you, but you'll also be making an eco-friendly choice. Join us in making shaving a delightful ritual, not a chore.

✅ All natural & cruelty-free ingredients
✅ Stylish and high quality



  • What is included?

    - 🪒 SilkEgde Metal Safety Razor: A sleek, weighted, corrosion-resistant razor that's as kind to your skin as it is to our planet.
    - 🌟SilkEgde Metal Safety Razor Stand: Give your new favorite razor the perfect home and elevate your vanity table décor.
    - 🍦GoldenGlow Sugar Scrub: Exfoliate your skin gently, releasing trapped hair preventing ingrowns.
    - 🧴Silky Bliss Shave Oil: Pamper your skin with our nourishing oil that softens and protects.
    - 🧼 Luxurious Shaving Soap: Glide effortlessly with this moisturizing soap.
    - A cute cotton drawstring travel bag for your Metal Safety Razor, perfect for keeping your razor safe and protected on-the-go.

  • What is a Safety Razor?

    Is a durable, reusable shaving tool that uses a single replaceable blade, providing a close shave while reducing the risk of cuts and nicks compared to traditional razors.

  • How does a Safety Razor work?

    1. Angle Maintenance: When shaving, the user needs to maintain an optimal angle (typically around 30 degrees) between the blade and the skin. This angle ensures that the hair is cut cleanly and reduces the risk of razor burn or nicks.
    2. No Pressure: The design of the safety razor, especially its weight, is meant to provide the necessary force for cutting. Users only need to guide the razor; pressing down can result in cuts.
    3. Directional Shaving: It's recommended to shave with the grain (in the direction of hair growth) initially, and if a closer shave is desired, one can shave across or against the grain in subsequent passes.
    4. Blade Care: Both edges of the blade are exposed, allowing the user to switch sides when one becomes filled with shaving cream or hair. After a certain number of uses, the blade will become dull and should be replaced to ensure a comfortable shave.
  • Care + Tips

    - Remember to switch blades out after 5-7 shaves for the best performance.

    - Easy to clean; just run it under warm water between uses and keep it away from the shower/bath area!

    - Your safety razor is already weighted so you don't need to add pressure while shaving.

    -Do not touch your oil dispenser to avoid adding bacterias

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    All our orders are carbon neutral


  • Check out the love pouring in for the Be Good Earth Safety Razor! ❤️

  • How to assemble your SilkEdge Razor

    Step 1: Your razor and razor blade will come packaged separately. Always exercise extreme caution when unpacking a razor blade, which is wrapped in paper.

    Step 2: Unscrew the top of your razor head from the handle by twisting.

    Step 3: Separate the bottom comb plate from the top cover, then carefully place your razor blade onto the top cover, fitting the three metal spokes into place.

    Step 5: Place the bottom comb cover back onto the razor head. The comb should be facing up.

    Step 6: Screw the top razor head back into the razor handle.

  • Your routine step by step

    Make sure that before you start, your skin is squeaky clean. A gentle exfoliation and cleanser it's enough.

    Shaving soap will help protect your skin from nicks and cuts while giving your razor something slick to glide against

    Start by going in one direction with gentle strokes. Use your razor in a 30 degree angle and remember your Safety Razor It is already weighted so you don't need to add pressure while shaving

    Applying a moisturizer will help replenish lost moisture in your skin and keep it looking smooth and radiant afterwards

Nothing But Excellence for Your Skin


    Keeps skin's hydration


    Deep hydration for glowing skin


    It restores skin's softness


    Softens, hydrates and evens skin tone with vitamins


    Antiseptic, cools and refreshes for vibrant skin


    Antibacterial benefits, refreshes and revitalizes skin.


    Moisturizes without clogging pores

Why SmoothLuxe?

  • Exfoliating is key to prevent ingrown hairs. It removes dead skin cells, ensuring hairs grow outward instead of curling back into the skin.

  • Lathering up with shave soap provides a protective cushion between the blade and the skin reducing friction and irritation.

  • Unlike disposable razors, a Safety Razor cuts hair at the skin's surface, preventing ingrown hairs and provides a consistent shave.

  • Post-shave oil is crucial for skin recovery. It instantly soothes and hydrates, reducing redness and irritation from shaving.


What is a Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a durable, reusable shaving tool that uses a single replaceable blade, providing a close shave while reducing the risk of cuts and nicks compared to traditional razors.

What is shaving soap and how do I use it?

Shaving soap is a type of soap that is specifically formulated for use during shaving. To use shaving soap, wet your skin and the soap with warm water, work up a lather to help glide the razor over your skin.

What is shave oil and how do I use it?

Shave oil is a post-shave product that helps to moisturize and soothe the skin after shaving.

To use after-shave oil, apply a small amount to the area you just shaved and massage it into the skin.

How often do I need to replace the razor blade?

It depends on how often you shave and how thick your hair is, but most people replace the blade every 5 - 7 shaves.

Can the products in this bundle be used on multiple parts of the body?

Yes, the products in the bundle can be used on the legs, underarms, and bikini area.

Are the products in the bundle environmentally friendly?

Yes, the products in this bundle are environmentally friendly. We use high-quality, reusable blades and generate less waste than disposable razors.

Additionally, the shaving soap and shave oil are made with natural, sustainable ingredients.

Are double edge metal safety razors suitable for all women?

Yes, double edge metal safety razors are suitable for women who want to achieve a close, smooth shave without the risk of cuts and nicks.

It is also a great option for those who want to reduce waste and adopt a more sustainable shaving routine.

How much can I save with a safety razor vs disposable razors?

It can vary depending on a few factors, such as the cost of the disposable razor, and how often you shave.

However, in general, it is estimated that a person can save anywhere from $100 USD to $300 USD per year by using a safety razor instead of disposable razors.