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 *slightly more purple. Does not show in the picture.

Ready for the best shave of your life? This stunning no-waste razor is the answer. Each year, billions of disposable razors end up in our landfills and oceans. This razor can help reduce our collective environmental footprint, while also giving you the smoothest shave EVER.

Each razor comes with two razor blades. You can also use any brand of generic razor blades.  

Care & safety

We recommend changing the blade after every 5-7 shaves, or if you notice any dragging of the blade on your skin.

Always use caution when swapping out blades and store in a safe place.

Clean your razor after every use with warm water. Wipe dry after use and do not store in shower/bath. Store in a dry place. When cared for properly, these razors will last a lifetime!

Why is this razor different?

These razors are made from a brass alloy (comprised of brass and zinc). We chose this material for its durability and corrosion resistance. When looked after properly, they will last a lifetime.

How do safety razors help to prevent ingrown hairs?

Modern multi-blade razors cause ingrown hairs by tugging and pulling at your hair before eventually cutting the hair follicle at skin level. As the hair grows, many of the hair follicles become ingrown. This razor will gently glide smoothly over your skin and cut the hair follicles at the skin level, helping you get the smoothest shave of your life.

Safety razor vs. modern razor cost comparison

The cost of these safety razors is truly a reflection of their quality. This razor is designed to last a life time with proper care. Plastic razors are designed to be thrown away after a few uses - in the end, costing you more money.