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Nordic Dry Brush

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    The Nordic dry brush treats and prevents ingrown hairs, restores smooth skin, improves the look of cellulite, and improves your skin's ability to absorb creams, lotions, and oils for moisturizing. Exfoliation at its finest.

    ✅ Lymphatic support,
    ✅ Exfoliation,
    ✅ Helps clean pores,
    ✅ Can help reduces cellulite
    ✅ Helps gives a natural energy boost.

    How to use:

    Dry brushing can be done daily over the whole body, preferably in the morning before showering.

    Starting at the feet, brush the bottoms of my feet and up the legs in long, smooth strokes. You can brush each section of skin 10 times. For lymph flow,  brush toward the heart/chest area where the lymph system drains. Or, always brush toward the center of the body. Repeat the same process with the arms, starting with the palms of the hands and brushing up the arm toward the heart.

    On the stomach and armpits, brush in a circular clockwise motion. Repeat the process on the abdomen and back. 


    The brush is made with 1000's of fibers and a solid wood handle and includes a free black storage bag.


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