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  • Smooth Starter

    SilkEdge Safety Razor
    Crafted for precision, this safety razor promises the smoothest, most sustainable shave you've ever experienced.

    Razor Stand Razor Stand
    Elegantly designed to display your razor while ensuring its longevity, made with eco-conscious materials.

    PureSharp Razor Blades
    Six months' worth of close, flawless shaves – durable and environmentally friendly, always ensuring the best cut.

    LatherLux Shaving Soap
    Natural ingredients blend for a creamy, moisturizing lather. Elevate your shave routine while being kind to the earth.

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  • SmoothLuxe

    Everything you need for a dream shave 🛁

    Silkedge Safety Razor

    Experience unparalleled luxury in every shave. Designed for the discerning woman who values elegance and efficacy.

    Razor Stand
    A statement of sophistication. Crafted to showcase your SmoothLuxe razor, marrying functionality with finesse.

    PrecisionCut Razor Blades
    Engineered for the closest, most luxurious shave. Feel the difference in every glide, while cherishing the Earth.

    VelvetLather Shaving Soap
    Indulge in a blend of natural ingredients. A lavish lather that pampers your skin with every pass.

    GoldenGlow Sugar Scrub
    Exfoliate with nature's finest. Reveal radiant, smooth skin, ready for the perfect shave.

    Silky Bliss Shaving Oil
    A fusion of nature's best, ensuring a frictionless glide and deeply nourished skin post-shave.

    Sisal Exfoliating Pouch
    Buff away the old and welcome the new. Your pre-shave essential for the silkiest skin.

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  • GreenGlam

    Same as SmoothLuxe. This Bundle has all the shaving essentials you need for a dream shave 🛁 besides SilkEdge safety razor and stand.

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Smooth Starter

"Finally, a razor that understands what I need. Eco-friendly, sharp, and looks great in my bathroom!"

  • Jessica L.