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Easier to use than other reusable razors I've had, and it is a good weight in your hand.. and a fab colour!

Lara M.

I’ve been using this razor for about 2 months now and I’m so happy I switched! Since I don’t shave often, maybe once a week, the blade lasts a long time and the shave is so close to the skin. I thought it would be freaky and I was kinda scared to use it at first, but it’s actually so easy. The weight of the razor helps it glide smoothly. Plus, I feel so much more eco-friendly using this as opposed to the disposable brand I had before.

Kylie C.

So far so good! Just started using my razor, first used it on my underarms and it worked well and shaves off hair in smooth, short strokes. Still getting used to the weight of this razor as I am used to lighter weight ones, but I love that I don't have to use as much pressure. I do get nervous when opening up the razor head and cleaning it out since you have no choice but to touch the bare razor, but as long as you are slow and careful, it can be done with ease. It is easy to assemble, again, having to be careful to not rush it as to not accidentally cut yourself. All in all, love the look, love the feel and love how it works so far. Excited to see how it does in the long run!

Stephanie S.

it makes my skin feel like butter and it matches my bathroom aesthetic so well

Hanna M.

I am so happy to have finally invested in a razor that will reduce my carbon footprint. I intend to have this for the rest of my life, and when I need to replace the blades, it will be less expensive and just as easy as going to the store! Not to mention that a metal alloy like the blade is made of can more easily decompose than plastic compounds can. The shave is close, and I really am thankful to this company for making it a seamless purchasing process!

Mary S.

Sustainable beauty is here

Every year, millions of plastic razors and plastic cartridges fill our landfills. It's time for a change!

Meet your new eco-friendly pal. Not only will this razor last you a lifetime, but it'll give you a damn smooth shave. 

Meet your new bestie