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✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle

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Razor color – Rose Gold

The supplies you need for one of your most effortless, eco-friendly shaves ever!

What's in the box:

🪒 BGE Metal Safety Razor
💕 Matching Metal Razor Stand
✨ 30x Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
✈️  Cotton drawstring Travel Bag
🍊 Silky Bliss Shave Oil
🌹 Handcrafted Shaving Soap
⭐️ Natural Exfoliating Sisal Pouch

🚚 Free us shipping (50+)

🌱 Eco-friendly

📦 30-days retun

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Get the shave of your dreams with this sustainable bundle! A luxurious metal razor gives you a comfortable and close follicle trim every time.

With an orange-peppermint shaving oil that feels oh so good on your skin, it’ll leave you feeling refreshed and energized - no more pesky ingrown hairs either!

Plus, if that wasn't enough to sweeten the deal – You’ll also get a natural exfoliating sisal pouch and a new formulas for soap along with superior quality platinum blades.

✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
✨SmoothLuxe Shave Bundle
  • Eco-friendly

    This bundle mean you can shave away with no guilt - and razor sustainable design will last a lifetime with proper care.

  • Best Shave

    Get the closest shave of your life with a double-edge blade! Goodbye razor burn and goodbye ingrown hairs.

  • Save $$$

    Our replacemente razor offer a fraction of the cost, giving you smooth legs without breaking your bank.

  • 30-day return

    Let's make sure that shopping experience turns out perfect, alright cute stuff?! Check out our return policy


  • Step 1: Unscrew the top of your razor head from the handle by twisting.

  • Step 2: Separate the bottom comb plate from the top cover, then carefully place your razor blade onto the top cover, fitting the three metal spokes into place.

  • Step 3: Place the bottom comb cover back onto the razor head. The comb should be facing up, as shown in the ilustration.

  • Step 4: Screw the top razor head back into the razor handle and voilĂ !

    Your razor and razor blade will come packaged separately, which is wrapped in paper. *Always exercise extreme caution when unpacking a razor blade

The Silky Ritual Experience

Get ready to turn your shaving routine into an indulgent spa experience with these simple steps - you'll be rocking a silky smooth complexion in no time!

*Get the whole experience with our SmoothLuxe Bundle


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