How to Shave with a Safety Razor

safety razor

Step 1: Always dampen your skin with water and then prep with your favourite shave soap, or shaving cream. We highly recommend our bottle-free shave bars!

Step 2: Unlike disposable razors, don't use too much pressure! Our safety razors are weighted to help the razor smooth over your skin with less pressure.

Step 3: Your first time using a safety razor can be a little daunting - so we recommend starting slow with small strokes.

Step 4: When it comes to ankles, knees or those sensitive spots, go easy! Since safety razors don't have a flexible head, continue to use short strokes with light pressure!

Step 5: Enjoy your freshly shaved areas because this is a damn good shave!

Please also use caution when handling a razor blade. Razor blades are intended for shaving only and we take no responsibility for any harm that may come from misuse. Please keep away from children.