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Safety Razor Tips & Care

Why is this razor different? 

Thsi razor is designed to last - so make sure you take care of it! 

safety razor
Care & Safety

We recommend changing the blade after every 5-7 shaves, or if you notice any dragging of the blade on your skin.

Always use caution when swapping out blades and store in a safe place. Refer to our guide on how to switch out your blades here.

Clean your razor after every use with warm water. Wipe dry after use and do not store in shower/bath. Store in a dry place.

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How to recycle your razor blades

The most common way to dispose of a razor blade is by collecting and safely storing it in a jar with a lid. When the jar is full, simply dispose of at your local sharps objects recycling centre.

Some pharmacies and drug stores can provide you with a sharps container. Usually there is no cost to access this program. You can then fill the approved sharps container with your used razor blades and drop it off at a local drug store or pharmacy when full. Please note that every state and province is different, so check your local guidelines first. You can also use a metal container or mason jar to safely collect your razor blades. Some hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, police stations, waste transfer stations, or safe sharps collection drop boxes could be available in your local area.


Please also use caution when handling a razor blade. Razor blades are intended for shaving only and we take no responsibility for any harm that may come from misuse. Please keep away from children.

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