The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Shaving Routine

The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Shaving Routine

It’s no secret that shaving can be a bit of a tricky process, and it can feel like there’s just so much to consider. But fear not! We’re here to break down the best steps you need to take when it comes to shaving your legs, armpits, and bikini line. Read on for our ultimate guide to the perfect shaving routine for you.

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Step 1: Prepararation is Key!


The first step in any good shaving routine is preparation! Before you start, you'll want to make sure that you have everything you need on hand. This includes a sharp Safety Razor , Shaving Soap (especially if you're prone to razor burn), and an after shave oil. Once you've got everything assembled, it's time to get started!

Step 2: Cleanse Your Skin

This is one of the most important parts of the process! You don't want any dirt or oil clogging up your razor blades as you shave - that could lead to cuts or irritation. So make sure that before you start, your skin is squeaky clean. A gentle exfoliation and cleanser it's enough.

Step 3: Apply Shaving Soap

Shaving soap will help protect your skin from nicks and cuts while giving your razor something slick to glide against. Make sure that your skin is completely covered with a thin layer of product before starting the actual shaving process. Be generous but not too generous - a little goes a long way!

Step 4: Start Shaving

Now comes the part where you actually start getting rid of those pesky hairs! Make sure that your blade is sharp (you should replace your razor blade every 7 shaves if possible). Start by going in one direction with gentle strokes - going back and forth will only cause more irritation and ingrown hairs. When finished, rinse off any excess soap and pat dry with a towel.

With these five simple steps in mind, we hope that any lady out there now has all she needs for her perfect shave routine! Remember – preparation is key, cleanse your skin beforehand, use plenty of shaving soap for protection during the shave itself, go in one direction when shaving, and don't forget about pampering yourself afterwards for best results! Good luck & happy shaving!

👉 Check out our shaving routine in a box

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